About Us

Applied Archaeological Research, Inc. (AAR) is a full-service cultural resource management firm dedicated to helping its clients comply with local, county, state, and federal historic preservation laws while advancing the overall goals of archaeology and historic preservation.

Our Company mission:

AAR, Inc. strives to be the acknowledged Pacific Northwest leader and preferred partner in helping our clients meet their cultural resource compliance requirements.  We have advance understanding of the past and contribute to the fields of archaeology and historic preservation.  Corporate activities are conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards and relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Philosophy:

The company’s philosophy is to serve the client well while respecting and protecting cultural resources.  AAR strives to provide the highest quality cultural resource management services no matter the scope of the project or the nature of the undertaking.  Our approach is designed to provide the maximum information relative to the scope of work.  These services are provided to our clients at very competitive rates.  We work diligently to help our clients meet their cultural resource compliance goals within budget and on schedule.

How We Can Help?

We can help you meet city, county, state, or federal requirements for the identification and treatment of cultural resources for any type of project.  With our experience and efficient project management, AAR is able to maintain labor rates that are very competitive among similarly sized cultural resource management firms.