Kendal McDonald, M.A.

Operations Manager/GIS Specialist/Project Archaeologist


Kendal joined AAR in 2006.  She is the Operations Manager and Lab Director for the company.  Additionally she specializes in archaeogeophysics and is the GIS specialist for AAR.  When timing allows, Kendal can also be found leading or participating in field projects.  She contributes to projects through document research, GIS downloads, graphical map design, and occasional report writing and proof reading.


Kendal grew up in Arizona and misses the dry heat, colorful sunsets, architecture, and landscapes of the American southwest.  In her first career, she was a computer programmer and project manager of business applications primarily for high tech companies.  In 1989 she moved to Oregon.  On a dare, while camping with long-time friends, she made the decision to become an archaeologist.


Graduate Certificate, Geographic Information Systems, Portland State University

M.A., Anthropology, Portland State University

B.S., Management Information Systems, University of Arizona

Kendal’s  master’s thesis was entitled Archaeological Applications of Magnetometry and Ground Penetrating Radar in Flood Plains of the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Accomplishments

In 1999 Kendal founded Z-Too, an archaeogeophysical prospection company.  The company focuses on magnetometry in archaeology and conducts remote sensing surveys using a Geometrics G-858 cesium magnetometer, configured as a gradiometer.  She has presented her work at local and national conferences and workshops and she regularly instructs field school students on remote sensing techniques.  She has performed over 50 magnetic surveys in Washington, Oregon, and in Ireland.


Kendal spends her extra time laughing with friends and family.  She enjoys reading and recently joined a book club.