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Don Pattee co-authors Great Basin article

Congratulations to Don Pattee, co-author of a study from Oregon’s Warner Valley, where results suggest Clovis and Western Stemmed Tradition projectile point technologies were separated by a narrow period of time or that two cultural traditions existed during the terminal Pleistocene in the northern Great Basin.

For more information see:  PaleoAmerica, Volume 1, Issue 4 (October, 2015), pp. 360-373

The Surface Paleoindian Record of Northern Warner Valley, Oregon, and Its Bearing on the Temporal and Cultural Separation of Clovis and Western Stemmed Points in the Northern Great Basin

Geoffrey M. Smith; Danielle C. Felling; Teresa A. Wriston; Donald D, Pattee

Kendal McDonald presented at Historic Cemetery Workshop

Kendal McDonald presented gradiometer and metal detector results from Luper Cemetery as part of a remote sensing workshop at the 2015 Oregon Heritage Conference in Coos Bay, Oregon.


Krey Easton, faunal expert at Archaeology Roadshow

Dr. Ken Ames from Portland State University, Krey Easton from AAR, and Dr. Wes Cowan from PBS television series History Detectives and Antiques Roadshow engage with visitors at the 2015 Archaeology Roadshow.  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Thank you PSU Interns

Many thanks from the staff at AAR to Bobby Saunters, Alice Knowles, C’aira Cassavant-Leach, and Gwynneth Gunnels, our Portland State University interns, for your curation help in the lab.  Interns-Bobby-Alice-Gwynneth-Ciara-crop2

NWAC 2015 Crossword Answers

2015 NWAC Crossword Puzzle Answers and Puzzle Here.


Jessica Visits Cape-Horn Elementary School

In her final year as an adviser to teachers of southwest Washington, Jessica Hale visits Cape-Horn Elementary 3rd graders and gets them excited about archaeology.